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What a Good Estate Agent Should Do For You…

Here at Foxes Sales and Lettings, we believe it’s crucial for agents to be experienced and professional with every part of the selling or buying process, whilst still being approachable. It’s important to always take the time to research the merits of various local estate agents to decide which one is going to be right for you and your property. These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing the right estate agent to sell your property:

  • • It’s often a good idea to meet with three local agents to see their differences in marketing strategy, pricing and general approach. Ask lots of questions when first meeting your potential estate agent and make sure they can provide knowledgeable answers, support and advice. Their recommendations and suggested pricing should be backed up by solid evidence of sales of comparable properties and current market trends.
  • • It is also worth doing your research to find out how long the agent has been around and how well they are regarded locally. By choosing an experienced agent from a long-established company gives you a better chance of working with an agent that knows their local area well. Ask family, friends or colleagues who they have dealt with in the past and how positive their experience was.
  • • As well as being a great negotiator, your agent should also be a proficient photographer. Good quality photographs are essential to show your property at its best, especially nowadays with the proliferation of internet marketing. Look at the listings of many agents and you’ll find photos that are sure to turn buyers off, whether they are taken at strange angles, in bad lighting or even of a messy room! As with all aspects of the marketing of your property, attention to detail is essential.
  • • Although it may seem easy to show a potential buyer around a property, there is more to it than simply opening the front door and letting a potential buyer walk around. Agents should be very familiar with the features of the property before they start to bring viewers round. Your agent should have the confidence and knowledge to be able to guide potential buyers round the property, yet conduct the viewing in an unhurried and unpressured way.

If you are considering selling or buying a property in the Bournemouth area contact your local independent agent Foxes Sales & Lettings for further advice.

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