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Bournemouth: The Place To Be

When searching for property it can be difficult to know where to look, especially if you want to find the perfect place to settle somewhere long term. Here at Foxes Sales & Lettings we thought it would be useful to list some of the great reasons why Bournemouth is the place to be and a great place to buy property.

  • 1. It is home to some amazing beaches. Living by the sea has always been known for its health and calming benefits. The beautiful 7 mile long golden sandy beaches of Bournemouth are certainly a great way to escape the stresses of living in a bustling city. It was even recorded as the best place to live in Britain by a First Direct survey, with 82% of Bournemouth residents saying they were happy with their lives!
  • 2. It has great travel links. One of the great benefits of living in Bournemouth is its travel links, including two rail stations, plenty of buses and Bournemouth airport. If you own or rent a property in Bournemouth you will have easy access to a local airport rather than having the difficulty and extra expense of traveling further afield to start your holiday or business trip.
  • 3. It caters for all ages. Bournemouth is known for being a great place to find property when retiring due to its relaxing beaches and parks, close proximity to the New Forest and Purbecks, relaxed lifestyle and low levels of crime. However, due to the sunny town having not one but two universities, Bournemouth is also a great place to live for the younger age bracket too thanks to its bustling nightlife.
  • 4. It has affordable property prices. Although coastal locations generally have higher property prices than non-coastal locations, Bournemouth can be seen as more affordable than most with an average property price of £211,081 – this is compared to the coastal town of Brighton that weighs in at £337,511.
  • 5. It has a vast selection of restaurants and bars. As well as having great shopping facilities, with seven large shopping centres across the town, Bournemouth also has a large number of bars and restaurants to suit every taste and budget. Each offer something completely different, ranging from cheap and cheerful pub meals to a wide assortment of European and Oriental cuisine plus many more – there’s so much to choose from!

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